Seyi 'Goke

Communications Designer

Seyi is a versatile and passionate communications designer, responsible for setting design standards for Reboot’s Abuja office and creating beautiful and user-friendly visual products across Reboot’s Africa portfolio.

Seyi has 8 years of experience creating impactful designs across a variety of industries, from advertising, to publishing, to solar energy. At the advertising firm Syracuse Africa, he designed the branding and swag for the venture capital firm 500 Startupstour of the West African startup ecosystem. At Cassava Republic, one of Africa’s leading publishers, he designed book covers, including for the Financial Times-reviewed, best selling satirical book Be(com)ing Nigerian, by Nigerian novelist Elnathan John.

Beyond traditional graphic design skills, Seyi is also an artist and illustrator, with expertise in typography, editorial design, marketing and communication, and motion graphics. Seyi is passionate about using these skills to create visuals that are not just beautiful but also functional, and teaching others to do so as well. In 2017, he created and led The Art of Good Design, a 3-month graphic design course. Seyi still uses the course for one-on-one tutoring.

Though now based out of Reboot’s Abuja’s office, Seyi has spent most of his life in Lagos, Nigeria, where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Lagos. An introverted talent and ardent lover of music, whenever he feels tired of the real world, he closes himself into a world of music to bathe in peace and harmony.