Marielle Velander

Research Manager

Marielle is Reboot’s resident research process enthusiast. She manages the design, execution, and documentation of Reboot’s research projects from start to finish. Her research areas of focus include media development, criminal justice, and open government.

Both an experienced ethnographer and trainer of researchers, Marielle has recently trained and led research teams in Indonesia and Brazil to create recommendations for the Wikimedia Foundation on how to engage audiences in emerging markets. Here in Reboot’s home town, she has overseen research for an initiative to support New York City residents in clearing warrants related to low-level offenses, and supported research into the needs and motivations of open data users.

Marielle is a systems thinker interested in dynamic, interdisciplinary solutions. Prior to her time at Reboot, she designed, with a team of anthropologists and policy analysts, a telemedicine system for migrant health workers that won second prize in The Geneva Challenge sponsored by Kofi Annan. She has carried out research on water governance in the Middle East to understand the barriers to effective dialogue. Her final, award-winning monograph incorporated elements of environmental anthropology, political economy, and human geography.

Originally from the wilderness of Sweden, Marielle has lived in contexts as diverse as Malta, Jordan, and India. She is a graduate of George Washington University and holds a Master’s in Anthropology and Development from the London School of Economics. A native Swedish speaker, she is also proficient in Spanish, Arabic, and Urdu—the latter two inspired by her enthusiasm for Lebanese jazz and Sufi rock.