Amira El-Sayed

Director of Programs & Strategy

Amira leads large scale, transformative projects that improve governance in complex environments, while building relationships with Reboot’s partners worldwide.

Amira’s experience spans global development, governance, and security sector reform. She moved to Cairo in 2011 to work for a children’s rights organization in Egypt during a time of political turmoil. In Europe, she worked with Transparency International to reduce corruption in defense and security sectors around the world. Amira first led the organization’s Africa Programme, and later expanded her role to manage projects in over 20 countries. Most recently, Amira was responsible for Transparency International’s flagship publication on defense, the Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index, which assesses corruption risk in 120 countries.

An outspoken advocate for good governance, Amira is one of the architects of an initiative to universalize norms for the responsible governance of military power. To bring together states to draft and commit to this declaration, she worked with a diverse range of stakeholders, including senior government officials, defense and foreign policy experts, and civil society partners.

Born and raised in Germany, Amira is a graduate of Maastricht University’s Globalization and Development Studies Program. She has also studied business and economics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She speaks German, Arabic, French and Spanish. Amira travels frequently to her other home country, Egypt, where you can find her debating politics in downtown Cairo, hiking in the desert, or scuba diving in the Red Sea.