Alyssa Kropp

Program Manager

As a Program Manager at Reboot, Alyssa blends design strategy with project management to uncover and implement creative and practical ideas for Reboot’s programs.

Before joining Reboot, Alyssa coordinated and led international development projects across 10 countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. While at Orbis International, she helped develop and implement a telehealth pilot project to train new Peruvian ophthalmologists in cataract surgery, and supported Orbis’ Flying Eye Hospital project, which brought clinical team training to hospitals in Vietnam. At a frontier-markets-focused strategy consulting firm, she worked with her team to evaluate USAID’s partnership with Latin American supermarkets, and with USAID’s Africa Bureau to deliver workshops countering violent extremism in Chad.

A creative at heart, Alyssa has since added design and research skills to her background in project implementation. She worked with patients, practitioners, and caregivers at Memorial Sloan Kettering to better understand attitudes and responses to the hidden cost of holistic cancer care. While at Parsons, she focused on climate justice, designing prototypes to help her fellow Bedford-Stuyvesant residents consider potential impacts of extreme heat on their community.

Originally from Vermont, Alyssa holds a degree in Community and International Development from the University of Vermont and an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons. She loves traveling, and can be found searching for the best vegetarian tacos and DJ sound systems in each city she visits.