Adam Talsma

Regional Director for Africa

Adam coordinates the program design and implementation process across several Reboot projects, with an emphasis on design research. Reboot’s “tinkerer in chief”, Adam prototypes, tests, and refines to deliver effective interventions.

A consummate builder and problem solver, Adam led community-driven engineering initiatives for social enterprises in India prior to joining Reboot. While at Waste Ventures, he designed a complete product ecosystem, including a new fleet of household waste collection carts, to facilitate waste management service delivery in urban slums. With SELCO India’s Innovation Center for the Poor, he established India’s first prototyping lab focused on co-creation and fabrication for low-income urban communities.

Earlier, Adam co-founded People’s Action for Clean Hands, a non-profit organization in Agra, India that designs and manufactures affordable hygienic products. He also led Escuchen, a two-year participatory media project documenting feedback communication systems between relief organizations and disaster-affected communities in post-earthquake Peru.

Adam is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he focused on civil engineering and urban planning. His interest in global development can be traced back to being raised in Nigeria and Guatemala. He speaks Spanish and conversational Hindi. If you’re nice to him, he might even sing you an Ekajuk song or two.