We are experts in design for the public good—we employ multidisciplinary methods to tackle complex social challenges.

We Facilitate Meaningful Co-Design Processes

We are recognized global leaders in designing and running impactful co-design exercises on a range of issues and communities. From civil society innovation to open knowledge, participatory budgeting to open contracting, we’ve facilitated complex, multi-stakeholder exercises to elevate human voices and drive diverse stakeholders towards change.

We Design Impactful Programs, Services, and Products

Reboot coaches institutions to create effective initiatives tailored not just for the people who receive them, but for everyone within a system—including those within agenda-setting and implementing organizations. Our evidence-based process incorporates both citizen feedback and institutional mandates, and we use prototypes to model and refine early-stage ideas in rapid cycles of iteration.

We Build the Capability to Deliver Impact

When implementing a new program (or scaling up an existing one), teams need just-in-time support in building new skills and expertise while also measuring results and adapting to maximize success. We embed with organizations to guide pilots and support change, continually adapting and refining initiatives in response to feedback and program data.

Our Methods

At Reboot, we employ design as a powerful and versatile methodology for solving messy problems.

Reboot is among the pioneers in adapting user-centered design from its origins in the private sector to the public and social sectors. We know that grand solutions—often developed by “experts” removed from the context where the solution will function—often result in grand failure.

Instead, we:

In this way, we mitigate the risk of grand failure, and create an environment better suited for tackling complex problems—one where our partners can experiment, take risks, and achieve more than anyone thought possible.