Opening Governance

Making open government reforms responsive to citizen needs

Unlocking the potential of open government requires a diverse group of actors—from citizens, government, civil society, and the private sector—to work together toward a common vision. But collaboration towards the shared ideals of transparency, participation, accountability, and innovation is complex, challenging work.

Grounded in years of work with open government initiatives, from design to implementation to evaluation, Reboot serves as a bridge between governments and communities, connecting and aligning people to create shared solutions.

We empower citizens to participate meaningfully in government, working shoulder-to-shoulder with civil society organizations and media actors to build knowledge and capacity.

We also support governments—at the national, state, and city level—to deliver politically-aware initiatives that build on a realistic understanding of capacities and resources, and correspond to citizen interests and needs.

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Featured Blog Post:

Four Champions of Open Government: Celebrating Our OGP Subnational Pilot Partners

12.05.2016 | Nicole Anand

Case Studies

Developmental Evaluation for Public Sector Innovation

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation | Mexico

Co-creation for Civil Society Innovation

USAID | Indonesia, Morocco, Panama, Tanzania, Turkey, USA

Open Data for Public Service Delivery

World Bank Group | Nigeria


implementing innovation

Implementing Innovation

A hands-on resource with practical advice for government changemakers as they navigate the challenges of implementing programs in the public sector.

Client: Hewlett Foundation | 2015

Download Report (PDF 300kb)  | View Website


Using Data to Influence Government Decisions

A scoping study on the opportunities and challenges of leveraging user-centered design to improve the impact of governance data.

Client: Open Society Foundations | 2015

Download Report (PDF 300kb)


Toward the Next Phase of Open Government

An analysis of biases, constraints, and successes in the open government movement, based on discussions at the Aspen Institute’s Forum on Communications and Society.

Client: Aspen Institute | 2014

Download Report (PDF 2MB)  | View the Microsite

Blog Posts

Open Government—A Means, a Journey, but not an End

12.05.2016 | City of Austin OGP Pioneer Team

Seeking the Sweet Spot

09.30.2015 | Kerry Brennan



Laura Freschi will present a seminar on implementing public sector innovation to alumni of the mid-career Master of Public Management program at the University of Potsdam, Germany.


From December 7 to 9, Panthea Lee, Zack Brisson, and Nicole Anand will be attending the OGP Global Summit in Paris.


On Friday, October 28th, Zack Brisson will speak on how feedback can be used in open government and adaptive management at the Feedback Summit in Washington, DC. Zack will join a panel of subnational open government champions on reframing participation within and outside government.


Panthea Lee will share Reboot’s approach to tackling thorny governance problems, and the role (and limitations) of technology in doing so, at Singularity University.


Nicole Anand will participate in the Transparency and Accountability Initiative’s third annual TALEARN Workshop in Rio de Janeiro, where funders, researchers, and practitioners will share ideas for strengthening accountability systems and engaging citizens.


Nicole Anand, Kerry Brennan, and Panthea Lee will attend the Open Government Partnership Summit in Mexico City from October 27-29, where we’ll launch our new hands-on manual for civic innovators.


At the Open Governance Partnership’s upcoming European Region Conference in Tbilisi, Nicole Anand and Kerry Brennan will facilitate a workshop with government officials on strategies and operational tactics for coordinating across their agencies.