Amplifying Accountability

Promoting good governance by strengthening independent media

Independent media plays a critical role in a functioning and accountable government—as a watchdog on corruption and a driver of civic discourse.

Informed by our research with media organizations around the world, as well as our expertise in digital and mobile technologies, Reboot works with media actors to understand and engage audiences, develop sustainable business models, and produce high-quality data-driven journalism.

Our holistic approach to media development seeks to strengthen the ecosystem that supports independent media by connecting media organizations with civil society and government reformers. More effective in collaboration than in isolation, these groups acting together are a powerful force to amplify accountability for all.

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People-Powered Media Innovation in West Africa

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11.03.2016 | Nonso Jideofor



On November 29th, Yop Rwang Pam will present findings from People-Powered Media Innovation in West Africa at the 2017 International Conference on Religion and Politics.


On December 8th-10th, Panthea Lee will join artists, scientists, writers, and economists to explore the challenges and opportunities of creating information-healthy societies.


On November 8th Zack Brisson delivered a lecture at the Rutger’s Honors College Forum on tactics for working within power structures to create meaningful social change.


In partnership with the MacArthur Foundation’s On Nigeria program, Reboot will host Nigeria’s leading media practitioners and experts in Lagos for a 3-day workshop.


Reboot will participate in Social Media Week in Lagos, Nigeria, a conference bringing media actors together to support social accountability and civic engagement efforts.


Reboot is honored to be a grantee of John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s $5 million fund for journalism and media to advance anti-corruption efforts in Nigeria.