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Reboot builds and powers coalitions for courageous, structural change. For the last decade, we have facilitated diverse collaborations in over 40 countries, seeking to challenge the status quo and drive momentum for innovative and intersectional solutions. We’ve supported communities around the world to reflect on the pressing issues of our times, debate different approaches to change, and chart new paths forward. Our team of strategists and designers work alongside visionary partners—including grassroots organizations, artists, movement leaders, researchers, governments, businesses, and philanthropic allies—to realize the world we know is possible and develop bold proposals to advance equity and justice.

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We designed the world’s first mobile voter registration system for the nascent post-revolution Libyan government. In this photo, a Libyan man walks through the streets of Tripoli.

We piloted a mobile feedback system for patients in Nigeria to improve their health care. In this photo, our team works with a local health clinic.

We worked with the NYC Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice to focus their communication approaches. In this photo, our team synthesizes findings on how immigrant groups in New York City access and use information.

We worked shoulder-to-shoulder with 5 of the first-ever cities and states to join the Open Government Partnership. In this photo, our staff joins a public budget meeting in Kenya.

We wrote the book on public sector innovation, based on our evaluation of six programs with the Government of Mexico. In this photo, our team interviews a citizen in Mexico City.

Our research on independent journalism in West Africa is guiding donors in the region. In this photo, our team interviews a television producer in Lagos, Nigeria.