Rethinking Media in West Africa’s Social Contract


On November 29th, Yop Rwang Pam will present findings from People-Powered Media Innovation in West Africa at the 2017 International Conference on Religion and Politics in Lagos. The event is organized by the Lagos-based organization Action for Community Development. Yop will discuss the role media plays in government accountability, sharing insights from Reboot’s media portfolio.

Improving Children’s Lives through Information Access


On December 8th–10th, Panthea Lee will join artists, scientists, writers, and economists to explore the challenges and opportunities of creating information-healthy societies. The 3-day immersive workshop in upstate New York, hosted by Arts Letters & Numbers and UNICEF’s Office of Innovation, will develop approaches to improve the lives of children through increasing access to life-enhancing information about nutrition, health, and educational opportunities.

Leading the Way to Smarter, Fairer Government Contracting


On November 28th and 29th, Lauren Gardner, Zack Brisson, and Panthea Lee will facilitate Open Contracting 2017, a global convening to map out the future of smarter and fairer government contracting. Organized by the Open Contracting Partnership, The B Team, CoST, Hivos and Article 19, with Reboot as the design and facilitation partner, the event will gather 200 open contracting leaders, practitioners, and champions from across the world for two days of co-working, networking, and peer exchange.

Sharing Insights From the Field with Future Changemakers


On November 8th Zack Brisson delivered a lecture at Rutgers Honors College Forum, an interdisciplinary course focused on tackling global issues through social innovation. The lecture, entitled “So You Want to Start a Revolution?” covered tactics for working within existing power structures to create meaningful change.

Strengthening Investigative Journalism and Collaboration


Chioma Agwuegbo and Ahmed Rufai Isah will join the 10th Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Johannesburg alongside international media experts and fellow MacArthur Foundation grantees. The event, which takes place November 16th-19th, is the world’s largest gathering of investigative journalists, with a mission to spread state-of-the-art investigative reporting, data journalism, and cross-border collaboration around the world.

Designing the Future of Human-Centered Design


On November 7th and 8th Panthea Lee will take part in HCD Uncut, a co-design workshop on challenges in the application of human-centered design in global health and development. The event, which takes place in Berlin and will be attended by an expert group of funders, designers, and implementers, is convened by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID’s Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact.