Design Research—What Does it Mean in Practice?


On June 13th, Emily Herrick and Marielle Velander will lead a workshop for the NYC Sustained Global Impact Community of Practice on applying design thinking to policy and service design through design research. Emily and Marielle will share examples from Reboot’s projects and lead exercises designed to help participants apply methods and tools of design research to their own work.

Talking Inclusive Governance on Radio Nigeria


Chioma Agwuegbo was interviewed today on Radio Nigeria on the relationship between inclusive governance and violent extremism. The interview took place on the Neem Capsule Radio Show, a weekly live program hosted by the Neem Foundation in collaboration with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria and broadcast to an audience of 30 million Nigerians. Insurgency in the northeast of Nigeria thrives “when people do not feel they are a part of the governance structure,” said Agwuegbo. “The people need to be a part of every solution.”

Welcome Abubakar Sadiq Idris


Meet Reboot West Africa's newest Operations Intern Abubakar Sadiq Idris! A Mathematics graduate of Bayero University, an IT enthusiast, and a mathematics tutor for secondary school children, Sadiq’s lifelong goal is to increase literacy and access to education in his community. He looks forward to working with Reboot’s diverse team and adding to his knowledge of international approaches to development.

Getting to Know the Users of Open Data


On May 24th, Reboot will present new open data research in collaboration with the NYC Open Data team at Civic Hall. Reboot’s research into current and potential users of open data supports the NYC Open Data team’s efforts to empower communities to use data for problem solving. This event is free and open to the public; register here.

Welcome Isabel Munson!


Isabel joins the Reboot team as our new Partnerships Intern. She brings a wide variety of economics, communications, and technology experience, including strategy work at a “smart cities” startup, Soofa. Across these industries, Isabel has focused on reaching a wider audience through accessible communications and design. She is excited to learn more about service design and research at Reboot, and hopes to gain a stronger understanding of how to create change in complex systems.

Shaping Social Impact in South Africa


As a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and a leader of the Abuja regional hub, Chioma Agwuegbo was selected to attend the first ever Solutions Summit. Hosted by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, the Summit immediately precedes this year’s World Economic Forum on Africa, in Durban, South Africa. May 1st through 5th, Chioma will join other rising leaders to explore, showcase, and scale models for social impact. #solsum17 #WEFAfrica2017