We are builders, makers, and entrepreneurs; equal parts strategists and storytellers, anthropologists and economists; designers, technologists, and political scientists. There is no one Rebooter formula. Our team’s strength is our personal and professional diversity.

That said, we do share core characteristics. Rebooters are:

Entrepreneurial, with a bias toward action. Rebooters work toward the vision of a 21st century social contract with self-starter genes and an innate drive to strategize and do.

Humble, empathetic, and generous. We know what we don’t know, but are also eager to share our expertise. Group comes before self—entitlement and ego are checked at the door.

Open-minded and adaptable. We roll with the punches in different settings and work streams. Rebooters live to learn about new cultures and people, sans stereotypes. Global literacy is a core competency.

Inquiring and political, uncowed but diplomatic. We ask “Why?” to challenge conventional wisdom and power. No answers are taken at face value. We seek to understand and analyze the sociopolitical contexts behind them with respect and diplomacy. We are skeptical optimists at heart.

In addition to the above, Rebooters are  narrative-driven, analytical writers and articulate speakers. We adopt a client-services and detail-oriented approach to everything we do.

West Africa Fellows


We are seeking two highly skilled fellows to join our West Africa team. The fellows will fit two unique profiles: a writer/editor and a design researcher. Each position offers a unique opportunity to learn about and contribute to programmatic work and capacity development in a regional office of a dynamic and growing social impact firm.

Principal, Programs

New York

We are seeking a Principal with deep experience in program design and adaptive management to apply their skills across the sectors where Reboot works. Ideal candidates have a track record of leading multidisciplinary teams to deliver programs that are unwavering in their commitment to the people they serve.

Strategic Designer

New York

Reboot’s approach blends human-centered design and other methods in tackling some of the toughest challenges in global development. Our new Strategic Designer will work closely with our multidisciplinary team—as well as communities, clients, and other stakeholders—to create and implement solutions.

Director of Business Operations

New York

The Director will lead Reboot's organizational development, including finance, contracting, and planning. Our ideal candidate is a seasoned manager and creative problem-solver who has the finance and business know-how to grow Reboot’s brand and impact.

Program Manager


Reboot Nigeria is seeking a seasoned Program Manager to lead projects that bring together media, civil society, communities, and government to advance social justice. Ideal candidates have experience with media development and open government programs.