Designing collaborations for radical change.

Systemic challenges require systemic approaches. That means bringing the right voices to the table, creating spaces for true co-creation, and moving from words to action. But collaboration isn’t easy—it’s messy, complex, and human. 

Reboot helps diverse actors—activists, governments, civil society, and companies—drive collective responses to today’s toughest issues. Our approach centers community voices—and incorporates practices from ethnography, design, the arts, community organizing, and systems change—to reimagine and remake our world. We help partners:

1. Bring the right actors to the table.

We craft rallying cries that energize and excite, and engage often overlooked voices with respect and care.

2. Overcome obstacles to collaboration.

We help overcome the fear and mistrust that can hinder constructive dialogue through expert facilitation.

3. Align around a common vision and priorities.

We help actors from diverse backgrounds—including historical “enemies”—find common ground.

4. Co-create bold new solutions.

We guide partners to develop bold new policies, initiatives, and partnerships to tackle complex challenges.

5. Build momentum for courageous change.

We incubate and launch groundbreaking initiatives that are supported by broad, strong, resilient coalitions.