We tackle the hypocrisies within dominant ideologies and structures, and create new spaces to reimagine and co-create a better world.

Systems that enable and sustain injustice, inequality, and oppression were intentionally designed. Futures that honor and protect justice, equality, and liberation can also be designed. This is our work.

Our methods draw from the fields of institutional ethnography, human-centered design, participatory art, community organizing, and systems change. Key elements of our approach:

We honor and integrate the perspective that each partner brings.

We meet each ally where they are, look beyond affiliations and titles, and prioritize the voices of the historically marginalized. We invest in deeply understanding each partner, which enables us to co-create initiatives that advance the interests and respects the values of all. We use art, design, and other creative methods to engage communities and allies in ways that celebrate their knowledge.

We rally diverse communities and organize unlikely collaborators toward cohesive action.

We build and support coalitions that recognize the talents of each contributor, and stand up initiatives that leverage their combined strengths. We are particularly skilled in bringing together actors that don’t typically work together—and may even typically oppose each other—to overcome cultural, geographic, and even ideological differences and align on common agendas.

We lead transformative co-creation processes on the world’s toughest issues.

From human rights to participatory democracy to press freedom, we help communities and organizations come together to explore the big, messy issues of our time—and to co-create paths toward progress. We’ve launched groundbreaking strategies, campaigns, organizations, movements, and roadmaps for change, and we coach partners through implementation to ensure they win big change.