Reboot solves civic problems. We work with change agents in government, civil society, and philanthropy to achieve their social missions.

What We Do

We do research and design to find insightful solutions to long-running, thorny issues. To bring these solutions to life, we act as “systems integrators,” bringing together diverse stakeholders for effective collaboration. And we serve as thought partners, working side-by-side with organizations as they put new programs—and new ways of working—into practice.

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What We Deliver

Our partners come to us for:

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What We Believe

We believe all people—especially the most marginalized—deserve a say in the policies and programs that affect their lives. This was our founding vision.

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How We Work

Our tools of the trade include applied ethnography, user-centered design, behavioral economics, and strong doses of empathy.

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Our Programs

  1. Reboot Governance: Co-creating open, participatory, and accountable governance
  2. Reboot Media: Fostering vibrant information ecosystems
  3. Reboot Institutions: Putting innovation into practice with leading organizations