Zack Brisson


Zack is Reboot’s strategist in chief, directing the firm’s comprehensive growth as a social enterprise. He is a principal advisor to clients across Reboot portfolios and guides the team in developing a cohesive vision for a 21st century social contract.

A practicing theorist, Zack has extensive experience bringing community-driven approaches to policy making, program design, and implementation. He has worked in some of the world’s most challenging political environments, including post-revolutionary Tunisiarural Pakistan, the Niger Delta, and Washington D.C., in the service of delivering more just, accountable, and inclusive governance.

Before co-founding Reboot, Zack led digital strategy for “Enough!”, the Center for American Progress’s project to end genocide and crimes against humanity. His advocacy initiatives brought popular attention to the topic of conflict minerals and contributed to the bipartisan passage of landmark human rights legislation on the sourcing of conflict minerals. Earlier, Zack was a product designer and innovation leader at the National Geographic Society. He chaired a cross-divisional effort to create the brand’s first social media platform and developed a roadmap to move branded consumer goods into sustainable packaging.

Zack speaks regularly on emerging models of governance and how they can help organizations become more responsive to the communities they serve. His most recent conference appearances include the Code for All Summit, the 2015 Service Design Global Summit, and Slush 2015.

Zack is a graduate of the College of William and Mary. On the rare occasions when Reboot is not occupying his attention, he can be found with a good book, a great glass of scotch, and his wonderful wife.